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Easy Work Breakfast To GO!

on July 28, 2014


It’s nothing monumental, but sometimes a little breakfast idea reminder is a good thing! I always lose touch with breakfast. I’m in a hurry, I don’t want what I brought, I can’t buy anything healthy out of the vending machine at work…you know the drill.

Last night I thought ahead! I dumped some Greek yogurt into a container, threw some blueberries and nuts in a bag, and put some Ikarian honey in another container. It took about 2 minutes MAX, and this morning I actually feel like I’m having something healthy to start my day.

It’s not hard to do you say? I should do it every morning you say? I know. But I don’t! Do you?? I always feel like I’ve got something more important to do. I Scarlett O’Hara it — ‘I’ll think about that tomorrow’. On my shift, tomorrow comes sooner than I think!

For the record, the honey I picked for this mornings ‘good for me’ breakfast comes from my family’s island in Greece! Ikarian honey is famous for it’s good for you health benefits. Google it! Not only do I feel better about my breakfast, I’m also convinced that my honey is making me Superwoman. You never know!!

Join me in my ‘plan ahead’ breakfast quest! Tell me what you do in the comments below, or tweet me @meganglaros! Let’s do this together. Say goodbye to the work vending machine for the most important meal of the day!


3 responses to “Easy Work Breakfast To GO!

  1. Tom Finn says:

    I always have Greek yogurt,a banana & a handful of nuts for breakfast! Then I bike 8 miles to work!

  2. Bob O says:

    If you like oatmeal, try crock pot oatmeal. There are other recipes on line

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