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The Family Blue Zone

on June 6, 2014

I live by the clock.  Up at 1:30am — out of the shower by 1:54 — in the car by 2:24.  I’m not kidding…it’s that specific when you wake up as early as I do.  When I get to work, it’s 30 seconds for this weather, you’ve got 1:40 in the break if you need to go to the bathroom, be at the meeting by 9am.  After work it’s CrossFit at 12:45, kids down for nap by 2:30, up by 4:30….you get the point.  I don’t love being tied to the clock all day, but it works for me.  There is some inherent stress watching every single second, and it’s hard to release it on the weekend.  

My parents just left to go back to the tiny little Greek island where my family stretches back generations — maybe back to Icarus for all I know.  Ikaria is, in fact, the island where the mythical Icarus’ wings melted, and he crashed and burned — hence the name.  It’s a 10 hour boat ride, or a prop plane trip from Athens, obviously very isolated — a world unto itself.  Ikaria has been featured as a ‘blue zone’, or a spot in the world where people live longer, healthier lives.  Tons of Icarians live healthfully up into their 90s or even 100s!  Part of the reason for their longevity — less stress, NOT living by the clock.

I may be Icarian by blood, but I’m fully American in my time crunching, ‘uh oh I’m late’, hurry up kids mentality.  I’d love to live like the Icarians — show up when I want, sleep when I want, work when I want — but this girl’s life just can’t run that way.  I wonder though — can you stay unstressed while living by the clock?  Is it even possible?  

Look no further than breakfast for a perfect example of the slow, stress free Icarian life VS life by the clock. Which is which do you think?<!



3 responses to “The Family Blue Zone

  1. Liz B says:

    I so admire you, Megan. I can’t imagine the heartache you go through on a daily basis thinking of those beautiful babies. Your day will come! I have a friend in St. Louis who has lived a similar schedule (she does sports, etc.) and she has survived. Why not bring Ikaria to your home every now and then? Your life is crazy right now, but you are performing a great service for the station, not to mention what a great role model you are for young women. Thank you!

  2. SJP says:

    Thanks Megan for sharing — I heartily agree that we all need a “Blue Zone.” But as you suggest, it is not a “given” in our society, nor is it very high on the “valued” list — especially in our city. Therefore, we need to be consciously aware of its necessity and intentional about creating and maintaining it wherever we are and in whatever we are doing. For me and my wife, it could be a special place or it could be within each of us, or simply a combination of both.

  3. timelessmama says:

    Icarian life without a doubt for me, oh if only!

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