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Dental Dream

on March 7, 2014

You are NEVER going to believe this, but my 4year old loves the dentist. She behaves like an angel in the chair. She opens her mouth, she doesn’t cry, she spits and smiles, ahhhhhs and closes. She is the pediatric dentists dream patient. No cavities either. I attribute that to our diligent brushing, but here’s a question for ya. When do we let her brush her own teeth?? When do you make that transition from doing, to watching? That question applies to sooooo many things – wiping, washing hair, getting dressed, picking out clothes, etc. so what do you think? Is there an age when parents should become observers when it comes to personal hygiene?? I don’t think we’re quite there yet…but I don’t want to be bushing my 20yr olds teeth either!



2 responses to “Dental Dream

  1. Brian McBride says:

    General note from a CBS2 viewer….make sure you spray out UGGs unlike regular boots, they trap bacteria and can lead to skin infections.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    The battery powered toothbrush helped transition my son into brushing his own teeth. Recently we bought a light up flashing crayon toothbrush that keeps him interested in brushing. I also let him pick out the toothpaste at the store and he has his own special drawer to keep his dental hygiene supplies. All these little things make him interested and he gets compliments from dentist on healthy teeth. I try to let him do his own thing (I try).

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