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Fake Eyelashes and Baby Food


on February 18, 2014

“Mommy, I hear a noise!” Says Lana.

“No, you don’t. Go to bed”

5 minutes later…

“Mommy, I hear a funny noise”

“Lana! It’s probably just Daddy shoveling the snow. Mommy will lie with you for a few minutes…”

And then I heard it. Scratch scratch…scratch…

Good Lord! Lana’s got a mouse in her wall, and I made the critical error of telling her what I thought it was.

Now, she has named the mouse. If you ever hear a scratching in Lana’s room, say hello to Lightbulb.

In case you were wondering, Lightbulb got a choo-choo for Christmas, and he was playing with it in her wall this morning.

Now, pray tell, what do we do when Lightbulb starts to stink to high heaven??? Anyone?


One response to “Lightbulb

  1. Brian McBride says:

    Assuming you have a suburban home like mine, it is probably a field mouse searching for warmth because the cold temperatures have exceeded the food supply. It sounds like you are concerned about the demise of the mouse which is either stuck or sick. An easy way is to rent/borrow a thermal sensor. Set the house temperature to 68 and run the sensor to the wall where the noise is heard to identify the location of the vermin. Cut the drywall at this location and place a trap there, ecofriendly and non lethal if you prefer, and you should catch it. Otherwise, you’ll be cutting a lot more drywall tracking down a dead mouse.

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