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Getting Around With A Toddler And Infant Twins — HELP!

on February 1, 2013

Was our vacation to California relaxing?  Not really.  Was our vacation to California easy?  No.  Was going to the beach, zoo, desert, coast, shopping, dinner, pool, etc. easy?  Definetely not, but, it was SO worth the trouble.  

I’m a firm believer that taking kids out to dinner, on little day trips and on vacation makes them GOOD at going out to dinner, taking little day trips and going on vacation.  There’s a learning curve, of course, and infants are too young to know what’s going on.  I think they feel different vibes though.  They see different things, smell different smells and see different people.  Going out expands their little worlds.

Now that I’m done waxing philosophically — how the hell do we actually go, and do with one toddler who doesn’t always want to go where I go, and two babies who can barely crawl.  STROLLER.  I freaked when I found out that I was gonna have three very little kids.  I have to go out.  I absolutely cannot be stuck at home.  I’m awful at it.  So the search for a legit stroller for 3 began.  They don’t exactly exist.  BUT — I did find a double stroller with an awesome little thing called a Joey seat.  It ain’t cheap, but frankly, I didn’t care.Image

So with the Joey seat, Lana feels really cool.  She likes to say, “I’ll lead the way”, and I like to say, thank God I can push all my kids in one stroller.  Joey seat comes off, and then it’s just the Valco Baby Trimode Ex Twin.  Quite the mouthfull.



There is no way in God’s green earth that you can go anywhere with this dune buggy and go quietly into the night.  Uh huh.  We attract SO much attention with this stroller.  Anything from “That thing is awesome” to “You poor woman”.  To the latter individual I say –  well – I probably can’t type it here.  Anyway, that my twin mommy or three small kids mommy friends, is how we get wherever it is we’re going.  And we like to go, so we do!  Be brave!!  You can do it too.  Here I am loading the bottom compartment with extra stuff at the San Diego Zoo.Image

Here are a few vacation pics to inspire you to just go!  You can do it!  So what if it’s hard!  Life isn’t easy, but living it is the only way to go.  So what if the kids cry.  So what if they annoy some random mean person that you’ll never see again.  Take them out to see the world and to learn how
to live in it.  












22 responses to “Getting Around With A Toddler And Infant Twins — HELP!

  1. tim says:

    looks like the ocean beach pier

  2. Susan James says:

    Having seven kids in six and a half years I can totally relate. Our trips to the circus, beach and just playing outside and keeping track of everyone was exhausting. While they were growing up I must have counted to seven a billion times. It is a bit easier now since two are in college and five in high school. That brings another set of challenges. Sounds like you are on the right track enjoying them. These years will pass all too soon. Negative comments? You can only imagine, however, most people looked as us and would comment…’wish we had more children’. Maybe our paths will cross someday Munster. Keep lovin those babies!

  3. tarametblog says:

    You are amazing!! I’m definitely inspired.

    My twin boys are only 10-weeks-old but we’ve gone out to dinner and brunch with them already. I also just ordered JJ Cole Bundle Me’s to put in their double jogging stroller so I can take them out in the winter and not be stuck inside the next two months.

    Our first real trip with the boys is in April though when we are flying to Florida.

  4. tarametblog says:

    Love the stroller!


  5. tarametblog says:

    I’m definitely inspired! I just ordered JJ Cole Bundle Me blankets for our double jogging stroller, so we can get out some this winter. My first real trip with my twin boys isn’t until April when we fly to Florida when they are 4 months old.

  6. Mary says:

    Hey Megan, You and I have such the same philosophy about taking kids out into new places and letting them learn how to behave in new situations. Only thing is that my girls are now almost 25 and 30! It worked well for me then and looks like it does for you too! All I can tell you is that it does work and I’m so proud of the women my kids grew up to be. By the way, awesome stroller!

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  8. monicasoliman says:

    This is going to be me soon. Where can I buy that stroller ???

    • Megan Glaros says:

      Congrats!!!! Valco baby has a website. You can buy it all on there, or can prob find a sale by googling!!!! Good luck 😀

      • Amy says:

        Thank you so much for posting this information. I have a 17 month old and twins arriving in April. I love the pictures and all of the information you have posted. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!🙂

  9. monicasoliman says:

    This will be me soon. I’m very interested in knowing where you got the stroller for a toddler and twins.

  10. Sally says:

    I have been looking at this stroller! I just found out we are having twins and our daughter will be 2 when they are born. A stroller that I can actually maneuver is a must because I, too, cannot be stuck at home! But my question is, is your daughter comfortable in the seat out front and does she like it? My biggest fear is that my toddler will hate it, and without there being a tray for snacks/entertainment, I have my doubts…

    Thank you!

  11. Danielle says:

    How long/old was your oldest child able to sit in the Joey seat? My little boy will be almost 3 when the twins come along but I want a stroller to hold him too for big trips like the zoo & busy long walking events. He is small for his age but I am wondering if the Joey seat will work for very long. Thanks!

  12. fiona farrell says:

    Hi, have you ever gone on a long haul flight with your kids, if so, were younallowed check in the valco stroller and joey seat?

  13. Cherrie says:

    Just wondering if you can use carseats with the stroller while the attachment is in use. I’m having twins and have a toddler.

  14. Megan says:

    Where did you find the special edition version to buy? I love that print, but can’t seem to find it anywhere. I will have 3 under 26 months when my twins arrive. I am totally getting this stroller and the Joey seat.

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