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Fake Eyelashes and Baby Food

Sorry Teach!

We had one of those — “oh, I can teach my child something great, and I didn’t even plan this” moments this week.

It is finally warm here in Chicago, for at least a few days, and we took advantage of it! Took the kids out in the wagon to the pretty little path near our house. Picture it — gorgeous sunny skies, cool breeze, birds chirping, basically perfect.

Strolling along, reveling in the sunshine when Lana and I noticed an entire party’s worth of bottles dumped on the side of the path. It was really sad. Lana wanted to throw some in the garbage, so she hopped out of the wagon, and we collected as many as I could carry back without a bag.

I carried gross, mud and God-knows-what covered bottles all the way back home so that we could recycle them. So cute!

A few days later, Lana’s preschool teacher sent an email asking the kids to bring a few items to recycle, so they can learn about garbage and what to recycle, etcetera. With that in mind, we planned a return trip to those lazy people’s impromptu garbage dump. The whole fam went this time, armed with garbage bags. We got the whole area back in tip top shape. I also scratched the crap out of my leg trying to tromp through thorns. Greater love has no Mother.

So now, I’m guessing the other kids will bring the requested 2 items all nice and tidy in a clean bag. My kid will be bringing 20 dirty bottles in a bag that will probably also contain stale beer and maybe a stray spider. Know what — I couldn’t be more proud!

Lana swore she could hear the earth thanking her on our way back home. “Hear the birds mom? Feel the breeze? They’re saying Thanks Lana!”

Lesson learned.

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Dental Dream

You are NEVER going to believe this, but my 4year old loves the dentist. She behaves like an angel in the chair. She opens her mouth, she doesn’t cry, she spits and smiles, ahhhhhs and closes. She is the pediatric dentists dream patient. No cavities either. I attribute that to our diligent brushing, but here’s a question for ya. When do we let her brush her own teeth?? When do you make that transition from doing, to watching? That question applies to sooooo many things – wiping, washing hair, getting dressed, picking out clothes, etc. so what do you think? Is there an age when parents should become observers when it comes to personal hygiene?? I don’t think we’re quite there yet…but I don’t want to be bushing my 20yr olds teeth either!



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“Mommy, I hear a noise!” Says Lana.

“No, you don’t. Go to bed”

5 minutes later…

“Mommy, I hear a funny noise”

“Lana! It’s probably just Daddy shoveling the snow. Mommy will lie with you for a few minutes…”

And then I heard it. Scratch scratch…scratch…

Good Lord! Lana’s got a mouse in her wall, and I made the critical error of telling her what I thought it was.

Now, she has named the mouse. If you ever hear a scratching in Lana’s room, say hello to Lightbulb.

In case you were wondering, Lightbulb got a choo-choo for Christmas, and he was playing with it in her wall this morning.

Now, pray tell, what do we do when Lightbulb starts to stink to high heaven??? Anyone?


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Vacation Leap

Ever do anything really hard, only to find that once you’re done, everything seems infinitely easier??? I think that just about sums up vacationing with small children.

We just got back from a sunny, relaxing, fun-filled trip to Miami. In other words, a sand in the diaper, not baby proofed, they don’t have 2 high chairs at every restaurant and my kids are off their schedule trip to Miami.


Suckers to make it through the end of a long dinner. Wonderful idea if I do say so myself.

Why sure, you guys can walk…ALL the way back…

But Sir, I promise, this stroller will fit in your store!

Sure, you can drink tea like they do in England!

Just don’t fall in…

But just let Mommy hear Auntie Jen Jen for a second!

We really had a wonderful time, and I cherish EVERY minute with my tiny people, but I won’t say that taking trips with little kids is easy. It’s anything but. However, every time we return home, it’s like the kids have grown up a lot more than normal. They talk more, interact more, and generally seem more content. Lesson — it’s hard, but critical to take kids and yourself out of your comfort zone. EVERYONE grows from it….from the kids, to Mom and Dad.


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Twin play

The babies just LOVE each other…unless they’re fighting over a toy. That happens more than I’d like, but it is what it is. We just got back from Florida. We ALL had a blast, but apparently, I didn’t need to pack toys for the little ones…

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New Year — Fresh Start


2013 was a fantastic year for us, but I always LOVE a brand NEW year. 2014 is a new chance at everything…a fresh start. I look at a new 365 as a reboot. Clean the crap and raise the awesome.

2014 is a chance to be the best, most awesome version of yourself. I know that some of you will be saying, ‘Hey, annoying girl, it’s just another day’. It is NOT. For me, it’s the universe pushing the reset button, and you can too.

I don’t do resolutions. I think they’re usually way too broad…and not usually accomplished. For me, it’s all about resetting my attitude to positive, and pushing myself to be the best that I can be.

It’s your chance to…

Hold on to your patience when your kids push your buttons

Workout harder or better, or to start challenging your body if you’ve been neglecting it

Make your relationship with your spouse or partner stronger

Remember not to judge unless you’ve walked a mile in somebody else’s moccasins

Smile more

Frown less

Teach your children something new. Open their eyes to the world


Make new friends and reconnect with old ones

Shore up your support group of people, or find them if that’s something that you’re missing

Kill it at work. You’re there anyway, might as well make it count

I’m not one to give advice….wait a second…I am TOTALLY one to give advice. Maybe that makes me egotistical, I don’t really care. Here are my 3 best pieces of advice for 2014.

1) Remember that YOU are the only person responsible for your happiness. If you’re waiting for your spouse to do it…you will probably start to resent the fact that they can’t. If you’re waiting for your children to make you happy…you are putting undue pressure on little precious minds. If you’re waiting for your friends to make you happy…you probably don’t have many.

Take responsibility for yourself. If you aren’t happy, then change your perspective. Chances are, you’re probably just ignoring the good in your life, and focusing on everything you don’t like or don’t have. STOP IT! You’re alive, and if there is breath in your body, then you’ve got every right to happiness, but it is your own damn responsibility.

2) Stress is bad. It’s bad for your health, your body, and your soul. Everybody’s got it. You need to find a way to deal with it…to manage whatever it is that freaks you out. Maybe it’s working out. Maybe it’s deep breathing or yoga. Maybe it’s a giant hug. Whatever it is — find it and use it.

3) Embrace the things that embarrass you. Find your so called ‘failings’ and learn to love yourself anyway.

I, for instance, am loud. I like attention (hello – I’m on TV), and I can be a little lazy from time to time. Oh well. I like to be loud…it’s just my natural volume. I unabashedly LOVE attention, but there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s just me. And the lazy thing…well…I’m working on that…most of the time.

I know these things about myself, and I no longer accept guilt for being me. When I was younger, I’d try to talk more softly, or pretend that I wasn’t trying to entertain everyone with some crazy story or another. I don’t do it anymore. Haven’t for years. I honestly like myself…faults and all, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Get out there are make 2014 the best year of your life — until next year.



See this????

That little ditty of a storm will with mean a TON of rain, or a LOT of snow this weekend. Either way, and no matter who gets it…travel on the weekend before Christmas will be a bummer.

For me, it means I might get stuck working the weekend before Christmas, and the huge chunk of work that I’m already scheduled for next week too. Such is my life. When everyone else hunkers down in the storm, I drive through it to getting to work. Those are the big days in the weather world. It’s usually the same on holidays. It’s a rare holiday that I’m not working. It’s hard. Really hard, BUT, as I remind myself every year — the rest of the year, I really love my job. I can only hope my kiddos understand, or that it will just be their reality. There is guilt this time of the year though…every year. I love Christmastime, but I have grown to really appreciate January 1st. A new fresh start, and a whole year before I have to worry about working through the holidays!!




Mommy Mistakes

Help!! I’m throwing up a Mommy flare. I’m sure I went horribly wrong somewhere, but I can’t figure out how to fix it.

It’s both a good AND bad problem. I can’t get any of my 3 kids off me. It’s cute for 4 seconds…but if I walk away…they want picked up. If I put them down…they cry. If I sit down…all 3 want to sit on me. They don’t do it to anyone else. I’m flattered, but I’d also like to play with them and do some things that I need to do!! It doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s probably 80%of the hour after PM naptime.

I love my kids, more than anything, but I’d like to go to the bathroom without crying and scratching at the door. I KNOW that I’ll miss this trend when they’re too busy to cuddle me someday…but there HAS to be a happy medium somewhere! Suggestions anyone??


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Phases, phases

Just when I think we’re on a good roll, somebody goes and changes their phase. Like a caterpillar to a butterfly baby…here we go again!!! Lana is feeling bossy lately, Leo is being clingy (he isn’t normally), and Willow has been easier than ever???

Talk to me tomorrow, and it will probably change again. Kids. I will say, even though the unpredictability is hard, it’s made me a much more chill person. I roll with the punches much more gracefully than I ever did before. It’s kind of hysterical when I look back at the things that used to freak me out, or stress me out. It takes a LOT to really rattle me now. Kids are like a Navy SEAL boot camp for your soul. You go in high strung…you come out was cooler than you ever thought you’d be…most of the time!


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Hug Your babies

Give your kids a hug this morning. I’m live from a tornado ravaged Washington, Il this morning. So hard to see.



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